February 4, 2013

Hostelling @ Timitra Hostel in Lieksa

'Hostelling @...' is a post where we take a quick look at the hostels around Finland. This time we're visiting Timitra Hostel in Lieksa.

Timitra Hostel

Lieksa is a town near the Russian border in Karelia. It is also close to Koli, which is seen as the national landscape in Finland.

Are you an HI Member? If you are, you'll get to enjoy a 20% discount off the rental of a kayak at Timitra Hostel.

Lieksa's Timitra Hostel is situated in a building that used to serve the army, but these days it is an atmospheric hostel. The owners of the hostel have decorated the rooms and common areas with timeless Finnish design.

Lieksa also hosts the annual festival Lieksa Brass Week in July, which brings to town brass enthusiasts from all over the world to enjoy the many concerts and other events.

Rooms at Timitra Hostel are big and cozy.

How to get to Lieksa? By train via Joensuu is the most convenient way. You can also catch a bus (sadly not much information in English).


  1. How to get to, please refer to the VR (Finnish Railways) website: https://shop.vr.fi/onlineshop/SearchResult.do;jsessionid=8VqXRxTB4ldrTyG8k4VXn1dDn7Rmn7J5LRz6lm1CHgFpnvG2NYtC!613686345?request_locale=en

  2. Last night our guest were lucky enough to catch the Northern Lights in Lieksa having missed them up in Lapland.

  3. You can now also book activities at Ruunaa Rapids through us.
    We will be hosting an art exhibition this spring followed by an exhibition of Finnish design glassware and art glass.
    There is also a possibility to learn the traditional method of spinning yarn on a course held on June 14-16. Get in touch if you are interested!

  4. For bus connections from Joesuu and Nurmes to Lieksa, please refer to the Matkahuolto website, also available in English.

    We are launching our first art exhibition on March 23!

  5. We are situated only 500 metres from the Timitran hiihtokeskus cross-country ski centre. http://www.lieksanhiihtoseura.fi/hiihto/timitran-hiihtokeskus/

  6. Opening of our art exhibition done. Denise von Knorring, paintings open to the public open tue-sun until 23.5.2013. Closed mondays and bank holidays.

  7. Opening of our art exhibition, Denise von Knorring, paintings, went swimmingly. Exhibition open until 23.5 11:00-18:00. Closed mondays and bank holidays.

  8. http://yle.fi/uutiset/rukajarvikeskus_ottaa_varaslahdon_lieksassa/6576941


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