February 16, 2013

Hostelling @ Kartano Hostel in Kokemäki

'Hostelling @...' is a post where we take a quick look at the hostels around Finland. This time we're visiting Kartano hostel.

If you are looking for a place to relax or you are travelling from Turku to, say, Tampere, why not stay on the way at Kartano Hostel in Kokemäki.

Kartano Hostel is situated in Kokemäki, South-West Finland

Kartano Hostel is an active farmhouse too. During the summer there is a huge selection of berries that you can pick in the gardens by yourself or alternatively you can buy them freshly picked at the hostel shop, where they also sell tasty lemonades and jams made from the berries. And are you an HI Member? If you are, you get 10% discount off all the purchases made at the shop. Nice, delicious discount!

Lingonberries that will become delicious jams and lemonades.
Kartano Hostel has both private rooms as well as dormitories.

Also check out the activities available at Kartano Hostel!

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