December 1, 2014

#ILoveTravellinginEurope, Happy European Tourism Day!

Did you know that today is the European Tourism Day?

That of course means that there is a reason to celebrate! Our theme of today (well, everyday) among hostelling network in Europe is I love travelling in Europe. You do too, don’t you?

Here’s some of us Finnish hostelling people revealing why they love travelling in Europe. Hopefully they can inspire you with their chosen destinations.

3 questions will be answered:
  1. Why do I love travelling in Europe?
  2. My favourite destination in Europe (outside Finland)
  3. My favourite destination in Finland

Eurohostel, Helsinki
  1. I love travelling in Europe because the connections are so smooth.
  2. London has it all! There’s so much to see and do.
  3. Lapland is my favourite destination in the whole world. I love its nature and the peaceful and quiet atmosphere you can find there. It’s a great and welcomed contrast that I find there for the hectic everyday life.

Emmi (left) and Lea from Eurohostel in Helsinki

Eurohostel, Helsinki
  1. The sameness of how the systems work is refreshing sometimes, especially if I compare to Africa and Latin America, where I usually travel.
  2. I love Estonia, I like their language especially!
  3. Lakeland Finland - well, because of the lakes.

Eurohostel, Helsinki
  1. It’s fairly cheap to move around Europe
  2. I was surprised by how beautiful Scotland is.
  3. Lapland and over there especially Levi are special because of their ambience in the winter with all that snow. It’s full of magic and has a very Christmassy atmosphere.
Annika from Eurohostel in Helsinki

Hostel Vaihelan Tila, Joutsa

  1. The distances are short, it doesn't take much time to fly from one destination to another. That makes short breaks possible. The architecture and culture of the old European cities are interesting, worth experiencing.
  2. Reykjavik in Iceland has been the most memorable trip. I'd like to get to know the whole island outside the capital city too.
  3. To be honest I travel abroad more! Though I am planning to make day trips to neighbouring towns to see local culture and art.
Birgitta from Hostel Vaihelan Tila in Joutsa

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