September 3, 2014

Pori's Hostel River has been internationally recognised for its high quality

Hostelling International (HI) has awarded its HI Quality Light certificate to Pori’s Hostel River. The certificate shows that the hostel meets HI’s strict quality standards. 

There are now five HI-Q certified hostels in Finland. The certificate has previously been awarded to Stadion Hostel in Helsinki, Dream Hostel in Tampere, and Hostel Borea and Hostel Turku in Turku. Hostel River is the first hostel in Finland to receive the Light certificate.

HI Quality (HI-Q) involves Hostelling International’s specially developed quality-management system, designed by hostel professionals. It has been created specifically for the use of hostels and other hostelling organisations. HI Quality Light is a scaled-down version of the HI-Q system, and it is aimed at smaller hostels. The HI-Q system is used at Hostelling International network locations all over the world. The HI network includes around 3,500 hostels, in 90 countries.

The quality-management system is based on high-quality management of all aspects of the day-to-day running of the hostel: the general management, the reception, cleaning, catering services, and property maintenance. Clear guidelines and consistent practices improve the efficiency of communication between hostel staff and managers.

‘Since the introduction of the quality-management system, we have started to plan and organise our work more efficiently, and I would say that we are now more professional in what we do. This means that we can provide even better service to our customers,’ explains Hostel River’s proprietor, Sirkka-Liisa Peni.

‘When everything is running smoothly, customers notice the professionalism and efficiency. Our customers must be at the heart of everything we do – that is the only way to success,’ says Hostelling International Finland’s Hostels and Quality Officer Ninni Lumme.

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